LogTrek© : System for Tracking and Analyzing Forklift Truck Activity

Valuable Insight into Fleet Performance and Utilization
What is LogTrek©?

LogTrek© is an all new system for tracking and analyzing forklift truck activity. LogTrek© has been developed and protected by Dr. Schniz GmbH.

LogTrek©: Valuable insight into fleet performance and utilization.

When talking to companies about RTLS, forklift routing systems or management systems for trucks or the right size of the forklift truck fleet, there is often the key question about current utilization and current driveways. The business problem we are solving with LogTrek© is to give an exact answer about utilization and driveways of forklift trucks within 30 days without having to install a complex system and without measurements involving personnel.

The installation of the whole systems takes very short time and there is no need to buy a system. We do not sell the LogTrek© system, we offer a complete package: providing the necessary sensors, doing the installation and performing the analysis.

What are the system components?

The system has three components: a load sensor and a receiver for mounting on the trucks and a transmitter system to enable localization of trucks.
The units for the trucks have integrated sensors for detection of goods on the fork and detection of motion. All system components run on battery for at least 35 days – so there is no need for external power supply.

How are the results presented?

The results are uploaded to a secure online application allowing to create individual business graphics and sankey diagrams of truck movements.

How is a LogTrek© project carried out?

A LogTrek© project takes in total six weeks. In the first week we install the sensors and transmitters, inform the workers and gather basic data about truck types and shift models. In the following four weeks the LogTrek© sensors track and store all forklift truck movements. During this time no support on site is required, because the battery lifetime of all system components is designed for a minimum of 35 days. In the last week we return to the site, deinstall the equipment, download the data from the sensors and upload the results into our online application for analysis and presentation.

What are common LogTrek© applications?

In our recent projects, typical questions were like:

  1. “What productivity is achieved by our trucks and operators?“
  2. “We have a lot of forklift trucks - do we really need so many?”
  3. “Can you tell us where our lift trucks block each other in peak times?”
  4. “Our driveways are not optimized - can you show us where our lift trucks go over the day?”

In all situations we delivered valuable data justifying the investment in advanced technology or further consulting on material flow processes.

What are typical findings?

The LogTrek© system helps to identify:

  1. Idle capacity in the forklift truck fleet
  2. Inefficiencies in the allocation and execution of transport orders
  3. Zones with high numbers of intermediate pick and drop operations, indicating an inefficient logic for storing and retrieving goods
  4. Zones with high waiting times due to other vehicles blocking access to aisles or racks


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